Project Server 2010 Grid issue

I would just like to share my findings with the behaviour of the Project Server 2010 grids. I was recently investigating an issue raised on one of the Project Server forums and thought I would blog the issue and workaround in case anyone comes across this in future. The issue is that the header rows don’t load correctly if you zoom your Internet Explorer window below 99%. Each grid behaves differently, the Project Centre grid will add an extra header row on the left hand side of the grid as shown below so that the Gantt row no longer aligns with the correct Project detail rows:


On the Tasks page, an extra row is added on both sides of the divider, but the rows are not level as seen below, Process Status and Mon 13/06 are positioned mid rows:


The Resource Centre also adds an extra header row as seen below:


This behaviour can be resolved by increasing the Internet Explorer zoom level to 99% or higher.

Hopefully that will help resolve this annoyance for anyone that has come across this issue Smile

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