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Following on from my previous post that demonstrated embedding Excel Services objects in Word using the Excel Services REST API, this post demonstrates using the Excel Services REST API in SSRS reports.

Once you have gone to the time and effort creating the charts in Excel services you don’t want to have to go to that effort again to create the same chart in an SSRS dashboard report. The Excel Services REST API will enable you to embed the previously created chart in the SSRS report. This post will just cover creating a simple SSRS report that only displays an Excel Services chart using SQL Server Reporting Services Report Builder 3.0.

Firstly load Report Builder 3.0 and choose blank report, give the report a title as shown below


Now click Insert > Image and click on the report in the location where you want the chart. the following window will appear.


Change the “Select the image source:” option to external and paste in the Excel Services REST API URL for the chart created in the previous post, for this example this is shown below

http://vm353/_vti_bin/ExcelRest.aspx/PWATEST/ProjectBICenter/Sample%20Reports/English%20(United%20States)/ProjectCostReport.xlsx/model/Charts(‘Chart 1’)


Click OK then move / resize the chart as required


Save this to the report server and the report will then be visible and update the chart on load.

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