#ProjectServer 2010 Quick Launch configuration page issue after upgrade from #PS2007 #PS2010 #MSProject #SP2010

I recently investigated an issue where the Quick Launch configuration page in PWA > Server Settings didn’t display the links / sections correctly in Project Server 2010. The sections would not expand so therefore you could not change any settings for these links. The issue appears to exist only when upgrading from Project Server 2007... Continue Reading →

#ProjectServer 2010 Manage Site Services group level permission issue #PS2010 #MSProject #EPM #SP2010

Removed Manage Site Services permission from the Administrators security group? If you have done this and no other Project Server Security Groups have this permission enabled you will see the following error when trying to enable this permission: The group could not be saved due to the following reason(s): You do not have the required... Continue Reading →

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