#ProjectServer 2010 Manage Site Services group level permission issue #PS2010 #MSProject #EPM #SP2010

Removed Manage Site Services permission from the Administrators security group? If you have done this and no other Project Server Security Groups have this permission enabled you will see the following error when trying to enable this permission:

The group could not be saved due to the following reason(s):

  • You do not have the required permission to modify this group’s ‘Manage Site Services’ permission.


This issue is related to a post Brian Smith created regarding the same permission but at the Project Web App Permissions global level: http://blogs.technet.com/b/projectadministration/archive/2011/05/18/project-server-2010-removed-the-manager-site-services-permission-and-can-t-get-it-back.aspx

The fix is different to the one documented for the global permission in the link above but again this is an update to the Published database directly via T-SQL which is not recommended.

The fix can be found below, please run this against the Published database. I would recommend testing this on a test PWA instance first and taking full database backups beforehand.


declare @Count int

select @Count = COUNT(*) from MSP_WEB_SECURITY_SP_CAT_PERMISSIONS where WSEC_REL_UID = ’13FD872B-1DB8-4651-86B3-8F484C9B825D’ and WSEC_FEA_ACT_UID = ’55FE20B7-73D6-421A-A0A8-41B8A482AE8B’

if(@Count = 0)


PRINT ‘Relationship does not exist  Manage Site Services permission row will be created now to associate Administrators group with permission’



(’13FD872B-1DB8-4651-86B3-8F484C9B825D’,’55FE20B7-73D6-421A-A0A8-41B8A482AE8B’, 1,0,1)




PRINT ‘Relationship already exists  Manage Site Services permission already associated with Administrators group’



Please note, you may need to update the apostrophes if you copy and paste this SQL query.

This SQL above will check if the relationship exists, if not it will then insert the row in the table to associate the Manage Site Services permission with the Administrators group.

Many thanks to my colleague Frank Merla for sharing this fix.

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