#ProjectServer 2010 Quick Launch configuration page issue after upgrade from #PS2007 #PS2010 #MSProject #SP2010

I recently investigated an issue where the Quick Launch configuration page in PWA > Server Settings didn’t display the links / sections correctly in Project Server 2010. The sections would not expand so therefore you could not change any settings for these links. The issue appears to exist only when upgrading from Project Server 2007 when the 2007 PWA site has custom links on the quick launch.

Below you can see how the Quick Launch configuration page looked in the 2007 environment:


Notice the custom SSRS link below Server Settings.

And how this page looks after upgrading to Project Server 2010:


After upgrading it is not possible to expand all sections / headings apart from the section that is at the top. In the screen shot above you can see that the Projects section is expanded, in the screen shot below you can see that after moving My Work to the top, this is now expanded but the Projects section is now collapsed.


The only fix for this that I know of is to remove the custom link from the MSP_SiteMap table in the Published database. Direct access to the Published database is not recommended or officially supported by Microsoft. If you do come across this issue I would recommend that you open a support case with Microsoft but if you want to proceed at your own risk please see the steps below. I would carry this out on a replica Test environment first before applying to any Production environment, also make sure you have full database backups.

You might need to get the SQL DBA to carry out the SQL tasks due to SQL Server access. Launch SQL Server Management Studio and run the following query against the Published database to get the SM_UID value for your custom link:

Select        SM_UID       
        ,    SM_CUSTOM_URL
        ,    SM_CUSTOM_TITLE
From        dbo.MSP_SITEMAP
where        SM_CUSTOM_TITLE = ‘SSRS’ — update the title for your custom link title


As you can see, for my custom link which was called SSRS in my PS 2007 environment the SM_UID value is B1EA03CC-7584-4F6B-9DBD-0655B6970471. Once you have the SM_UID value for your custom link you can delete the custom link using the MSP_SITEMAP_DeleteMenuItem Stored Procedure on the Published database:

Right click on the MSP_SITEMAP_DeleteMenuItem stored procedure and click “Execute Stored Procedure” as shown below:


Enter the SM_UID value surrounded by singe quotes in the Value column, so in this example I entered ‘B1EA03CC-7584-4F6B-9DBD-0655B6970471’


Click OK to execute the stored procedure and you should see the following appear:


You will need to repeat this for all custom links.

Now refresh the Quick Launch configuration page and you will see that all menu sections / headings are now expanded correctly:


You can now re add any custom links that were present in the PS 2007 environment into the PS 2010 environment:


As mentioned above, if you do find yourself with this issue I would recommended opening a support case with Microsoft but if you wish to proceed at your own risk please do so on a replica test environment before carrying this out on a Production environment.

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