#ProjectServer 2010 #MSProject Enterprise Global custom fields out of synch #PS2010 #PS2007

I recently came across an issue where the enterprise custom fields in the Enterprise Global didn’t match what was displayed in PWA > Server Settings > Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup tables. I am not sure how or why this has happened, all I know it is seemed to be a combination of an upgrade... Continue Reading →

Check for missing config after #ProjectServer 2007/2010 PWA instance merge #PS2010 #PS2007 #MSProject

I recently worked on a Project to migrate two Project Server 2003 instances into one Project Server 2010 instance. We achieved this by migrating both Project Server 2003 instances to two separate Project Server 2007 instances then merged the smaller of the two instances into the other instance in 2007. Luckily we only needed to... Continue Reading →

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