#ProjectServer and #SharePoint 2010 August 2012 Cumulative Update #PS2010 #SP2010 #MSProject

The Office 2010 August 2012 Cumulative Updates are now available, please see the links below:


Project Server 2010 Server Roll up package August 2012 CU (Recommended):


Project Server 2010 August 2012 CU (Included in the Server Roll up package):


Project 2010 August 2012 CU:


Remember SP1 is a pre-requisite for the August 2012 CUs.

As always, test these updates on a test environment before deploying to production

5 thoughts on “#ProjectServer and #SharePoint 2010 August 2012 Cumulative Update #PS2010 #SP2010 #MSProject

  1. Hi there.
    As probably many people, I am a bit confused about all these CUs.
    I have a project server that I need to update, and I am wondering which packages I need to install. Does the Project Server Rollup Package Aucust 2012 CU include the Office 2010 August 2012 CU?
    I have the time now to do an update, but might not have it for a couple months. So
    should I install the August 2012 CU, or use the previous one? Or should I wait for the next one? I know I should update my systems more often, but…specificaly with Project server where you also need to update clients or you might risk data corruption as I’ve been told.


    1. Hi there,

      The Project Server 2010 Server Rollup package for August 2012 CU does include the SharePoint Foundation 2010 Server rollup package for August 2012 CU and SharePoint Server 2010 Server rollup package for August 2012 CU. Do you have any issues that are resolved by the August 2012 CU? Do you have a replica test system? I would recommend deploying the update to a test system first.


      1. Thanks Paul for the info.

        Currently, I am to replicate an existing Project 2010 server so we can do an upgrade to the lastest stable patch level – I thought I might as well install the latest one since we will do complete tests before we put that one in production.
        So, our production server will always be there while we build and test the new one.
        Thanks for the warning though!

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