#ProjectServer #PS2013 / #PS2010 Last Modified and Last Published fields in PWA #SP2013 #PPM #ProjectOnline

A query that has been asked by several of our clients in the past is: “The last modified date field in PWA is not updating”. In most scenarios the Last Published and Last Modified fields will match in the Project Center as shown below:


This is because the Project Center views look at the published data and both these fields will get updated with a publish. If you modify (save but not publish) a project from Project Professional or PWA the Last Modified date will not update which may cause confusion. If you click the project to go to the project details you will see the status bar does show the correct Last Modified date:


Incorrect in the Project Center view:


There are scenarios where the Last Modified date will update and show a later date than the Last Published date, for example if you modify the project information then save the project:


To avoid any confusion to PWA users I would recommend not displaying the Last Modified date in Project Center views.

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