Changing #SharePoint Central Admin Regional Settings stops the #PowerPivot Dashboard timer job #SP2013 #PS2013

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Take care when updating the Central Admin regional settings as certain things stop working. The link to update the region settings doesn’t exist on the Site Settings menu probably for this reason but you can type the URL manually and access the page. Just add _layouts/15/regionalsetng.aspx to the URL.

Central Admin region settings were updated to English (United Kingdom), which is ID 2057.

An example of functionality that stops working is the PowerPivot Dashboard Processing Timer Job:


For the benefit of the search engines:

‘The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.AnalysisServices.SPAdding.UsageProcessingTimerJob(ID 5144359a-e86d-429f-8a5c-8c06cca109ee) threw an exception’

The following error is thrown in the URL logs:


For the benefit of the search engines:

Failed to load ‘http://sp13:15000/PowerPivot%20Management/567b4062-7a0b-4b24-a7f5-994bbed90cf1/2057/Server%20Health.xlsx’ with error: ‘The workbook does not exist at the specified location’

This error lead us to the fix. Notice the 2057 in the URL. Navigating the the PowerPivot Management library, there was no 2057 folder, only a 1033 folder.

A 2057 folder doesn’t exist, on 1033 – for English (United States):


At this point you can either create a a new folder for the correct locale in this case 2057 for English (United Kingdom), then copy the 3 documents shown below from the 1033 folder to the 2057 folder:


The timer job will now run successfully and the dashboard will update. The other option is to set the regional settings for Central Admin back to English (United States) – probably the recommended fix!

The the Dashboard will update and show data:



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