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Just a quick post to highlight a new app that CPS have released for Project 2013, this is the Task Auditor app and can be downloaded using the link below:

The app can be seen below:


The home page gives a description of the app but also contains a check box to allow the use of Cookies – if you don’t allow the use of Cookies then the configuration settings will not be available and some of the checks might not be 100% accurate.

After checking the check box to allow Cookies, clicking on a task update the app to show the results for the particular task:


At this point also notice there are three tabs, Task, Configure and Help. If you don’t allow Cookies the Configure and Help Tabs will not be visible. The Task Tab displays the checks / tests results for the selected task. The Configure Tab allows the user the enter duration settings and date format:


This is to allow correct calculations for a couple of the checks. These settings are saved and only have to be updated once / as required.

The Help Tab gives details / support for the Configure Tab:


The tests carried out will depend on the type of task selected, Milestone, Summary Task, Work Task etc. The images below show a summary task selected and then a normal work task selected:

Summary Task:


Work Task:


Hovering over the checks, a tooltip gives more information on the check:


Take a look, its free Smile

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