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Just a quick post to detail the permissions required to be able to use the “Create Projects” button on a list in the PWA site collection. If you are not familiar with the button or functionality see the post below:


The permissions required for a user to be able to create a project from the SharePoint list in PWA when using the Project Server Permission mode are:

Global Permissions:
Manage Lists in Project Web App – this enables the button in the ribbon, without this permission the button remains greyed out / disabled even when you have an item selected in the list
New Project – this enables the user the see the form that pops up with the field mappings, without this the pop with display the message below:


Only included the Selected Projects + The User is the Project Owner or the User is the Status Manager on assignments within that Project
with Publish Project permission for that category, without the category and publish permission the create project button on the field mapping window will display the message below:


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