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Just a quick update on the Project Conference. Great keynote this morning with some exciting changes coming to Project Online.

Firstly a new SKU for team members is coming to Project Online in the next few months. This will cost $7 per user and give users access to key areas of Project Web App. This includes Tasks, Timesheets, Risks, Issues, Documents etc.

There are also improvements around resource management and SSRS. Reporting is a big area for any PPM product as you know. The default reporting technology is Excel – this is a great tool but SSRS does have its advantages over Excel. Microsoft have been working on a solution to make the Project Online data available for SSRS reports. This will be possible by a SSIS package to copy your Project Online data via the ODATA feed into a custom database in SQL Server. SSRS can then be used to surface that data. There were no dates mentioned but the new SSIS components will be available in a SQL 2012 feature pack and SQL Server 2014. Watch this space. Smile

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