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I recently had to bulk delete and then bulk create project sites for a client. Rather than engaging one of our devs I wrote a PowerShell script to do this. This does need PowerShell 3.0 or later to work. This post covers the bulk create script as this is generic, the bulk delete was specific to the client so I haven’t published that. The script can be downloaded from the script galley below:


The web service proxy URLs will need to be updated for your PWA instance, replace the http://vm753/pwa with the correct URL.

The script can be seen running and creating sites below:

From the PowerShell ISE:


From PowerShell:


Project Sites are created using the correct site template that is associated to the EPT.

If all projects have a site associated, the following is returned:


Test this on a test / dev farm before running a live production farm.



  1. Paul, great post. Do you have a script that will delete a project out of specified databases? I am the trying to figure out a way to improve my archive worklfow and powershell will help in that. Any help appreciated!

  2. Hi Paul, this is excellent. I don’t suppose you know if all of the functions of this script will work with Project Online do you?

    • Hello, thanks for the feedback. It would do if you could connect to the PSI in Project Online via PowerShell. I haven’t tried accessing the PSI for Project Online via PowerShell but I know you can in .Net so I assume you could do it in PowerShell too.

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