#ProjectServer 2013 / #ProjectOnline project fields displayed on project site #JavaScript #jQuery

Just a quick post to highlight a new script I have published this evening. This displays project fields on the associated project site. A full blog post will be coming soon that explains how to use the script and what would need modifying for your environment (custom fields etc.). The script can be downloaded below:


A screen shot of the output is below:


The RAG Status background colour and font colour update based on the custom field value.

8 thoughts on “#ProjectServer 2013 / #ProjectOnline project fields displayed on project site #JavaScript #jQuery

  1. Hi Paul,
    I wasn’t able to get this working. When I drop the code into the Script Editor, it displays the column headers, but no data. Is there anything else I need to include besides the custom fields and the script file in the Assets folder?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hello,
      You will need to ensure your machine has internet access to access the CDN datatable files also. The jquery file also needs to be accessible from the page (make sure the location is correct). As it uses ODATA your account will also need access to the ODATA feeds. I will write a blog post that details this hopefully this week. Paul

      1. Thanks Paul, I was able to get this to work. I believe I incorrectly named one of the custom fields. I do have another question however; how do you handle custom fields with spaces? I’ve tried including brackets, but that doesn’t seem to work. Would I have to reference the field by it’s GUID?

      2. Hello, As this script uses ODATA the ODATA feed truncates the spaces, so for example “Project Number” would become “ProjectNumber”. Paul

    1. Hello, the URL is not correct, it would be /_api/ProjectData/Projects(guid’youprojectguid’)

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