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This script will enable the users to view the resource calendar exceptions for a particular resource. The script can be downloaded from the script gallery below:


To get the script to work you will need to download the following jQuery library: jquery-2.1.1.min.js – jQuery download Another version of this library may work but this was the one I used / tested with. Upload this library to your PWA site collection then update the script file with the correct location. I uploaded this file to the style library as you can see in the code below:


This example script does use the /ProjectServer REST API, so users will need access to that for this to work.

Once the script is downloaded, upload this to the PWA site collection, in this example it was uploaded to the shared documents library. Choose where you want the script to be accessed, in this example I created a new page, added a content editor web part on the new page then referenced the uploaded script using the content editor web part:


Once loaded, the page will look like this:


If no exceptions are found the table will display “No data available in table”, change the select menu to another resource that does have exceptions in the resource calendar and these will be displayed:


This only uses intrinsic fields so should work for any Project Online / Project Server environment but do test it thoroughly first. You might want to improve the error handling etc. before deploying to a production environment. Also remember this does require the user to have access to view resources via the /ProjectServer REST API for this to work.

The script is provided "As is" with no warranties etc.

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