Want to capture your #Project team / staff morale? #ProjectOnline #ProjectServer / #SharePoint #PPM #JavaScript #jQuery

This is a supporting blog post for a new JavaScript file I have published to the Microsoft Gallery, it can be downloaded here:


This script enables you to capture the the team / staff morale each day – your team members just need to click one of the smiley faces:


In the example above I am logged in with the tenant admin account called “admin admin”. When a user clicks one of the icons it creates an item in the “ProjectTeamMorale” list in the PWA site:


If they click the happy faces it sets the item status to Happy, if they click the sad face it sets the status to Unhappy.

This list will need to be created manually with the following details:

List Name: ProjectTeamMorale



The Date column setting defaults to Today:


Once the list is set up the script can be added to the PWA homepage using a content editor web part:


Reference the location of the project_team_morale.js file – in this example I added the JavaScript file to the Shared Document library in the PWA site:


That is it. The script can easily be updated to use different images or include more than two statuses etc. In this example I have done this for PWA but this could be added to a SharePoint intranet site to capture the staff members morale rather than just the project team in this example.

You can then generate a report to view the team / staff morale over time.

Try it out 🙂

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