#ProjectOnline Resource Engagements now include #email reminders #PPM #Office365

The recently released (September / October 2015) Resource Engagement feature in Project Online now has email reminder capability for pending resource requests. If you missed the posts on the Resource Engagement feature they can be found here:



This post highlights the new email reminder capability. Recently Microsoft also enabled email alerts and notifications in Project Online, the Resource Engagements email alerts can now be included. See the steps below.

Once the Notification Email Settings is enabled on the PWA site collection as seen below (PWA Settings > Additional Server Settings):


In the resource centre you will then see a new button:


There are 3 options on this button:


To add resources for email reminders, select them in the resource centre grid then click Request Reminders > Subscribe to selected resources. An alert will pop up to advise you the subscriptions have been updated:


Now the resources have been added you need to enable the email alerts and the frequency. Navigate to PWA Settings > Manage My Resources’ Alerts and Reminders > My Resource Requests:


Check the check box and choose the frequency:



That’s it, you will now get email reminders for pending resource requests.

2 thoughts on “#ProjectOnline Resource Engagements now include #email reminders #PPM #Office365

  1. Very nice addition! Thanks for sharing. Now the next step would be an option for the admin to bulk edit notifications for resources.
    Example: One group of people needs weekly reminders, the other just hates spam and is more active on PPM so they don’t need reminders.
    Looking forward to reading that upgrade if it ever comes available.

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