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A quick post to highlight a cool new custom visual for Power BI that was released a few weeks ago by Microsoft, the Gantt visualization. This can be downloaded from the link below:


Once added to Power BI Desktop this visual can be used in your Power BI reports. Below is a simple example that uses the Project Online Odata API to pull in the Project Name, Project Start Date, Project Duration and % complete:


In the example above I have also included some other project level custom fields, one to filter the data with a slicer and one to control the colour of the project bars. There are tooltips on the project / task bars to show details:


It also includes a “Today” line by default:


The Gantt visualization has some configurable settings that can be found on the visualizations pane:


You can control many formatting settings such as the date type:


Download and take a look to build some cool project center / project detail schedule type views in Power BI! For other Power BI posts for Project Online / Microsoft PPM, see the link below:


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