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In this post we will look at the recently released Office 365 Project Portfolio Dashboard for Project Online / Project Server 2013 / 2016, see the announcement below:


A directly link the the SharePoint add-in can be found here: https://store.office.com/en-us/WA104380116.aspx

I have loaded this on to one of our demo instances to take a look:


The add-in is accessed from the PWA site contents menu:


Worth noting is that the users will need to be a member of one of the following SharePoint groups for the Portfolio Dashboard to work when in the SharePoint permission mode:

Administrators for Project Web App
Portfolio Managers for Project Web App
Portfolio Viewers for Project Web App

When in the Project permission mode the users will need access to “Access Project Server Reporting Service” permission and be added to one of the SharePoint permission groups above.

When the add-in is first loaded it will load the data and cache it – it will tell you it is doing this. Then in the top right corner it will display the details for when the data in that dashboard was last updated / loaded:


You can then refresh the data as required and it will update to indicate the refresh has started:


Depending on the amount of data this might take some time.

The default dashboard is “This year’s projects”, there are 6 dashboards included by default, these are available in the Dashboard tab on the ribbon:


Each show different data. Each dashboard has different sections or pages, for example on This Year’s Projects I can view Projects:


Or Tasks:


Or Resources:


Or Content:


Some of the tables in the views have multiple views or sheets, for example the Resources shows Work by default but can view Issues, Risks or Availability:


In most pages you can either drill down or click though, for example from the Overview page on the table at the bottom I can click the project name to drill down to more detail for that project:





Clicking the task name will load the schedule PDP in a different tab.Clicking a risk or issue will load the list item in a different tab.

Notice the left navigation updates to show you where you are with more options. For example I can go from the project dashboard view to an Executive view:


I can then go back to the overall dashboard view by using the navigation section.

For each dashboard you can filter the data using the Filter tab:


The options tab will give you the ability to change the settings for the dashboard:


On the Dashboard tab you also have the ability to create your own dashboard using the create button, that will display a new tab on the ribbon:


Firstly give it a name and description.


Then select the projects to include:


Depending on the field type you will get different options to select, for example selecting a date field will give you this:


Then chose the layout for each section and the components on each:


Update each section as required then set any filters you want available:


Once completed click OK and the new dashboard will be available on the Dashboard menu for all users:


Download it today and take a look!



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  1. How to add these reports on an On-Prim SharePoint / Project Server (2016) Installation ?

    • Hello, you will need the SharePoint Internal App Catalogue configured and enabled then you can just add the add-in.

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