Want to report across #ProjectOnline Project Sites for #SharePoint list data? #PPM #JavaScript #Office365 #REST #OData

For those of you that are familiar with Project Server or Project Online, only the default lists and default columns from those lists are synchronised to the database reporting schema. So Project API’s like the OData API (_api/ProjectData) only have data for Risks / Issues and the default columns etc. I have published an example solution starter script that will allow data from any list on the project site to be used.

This is a supporting blog post for the JavaScript solution starter I have published to the Microsoft Gallery, it can be downloaded here:


This solution starter should be updated before production use to include the correct data you want, improve error handling, support the REST API pagination etc. This example uses the Issues list and some example default columns from the Issues list but it can easily be updated to use a custom list on the Project Sites.

There are comments in the script to help update the script for your target Project Site list and columns. Once the script is updated, upload it to a library on the target PWA site. Create a new page on the PWA site to host the JavaScript file. Then add a content editor web part on the new page and reference the JavaScript file, for example:


Once added it will look like this (this in on one of my MOD demo tenants):


The select menu will contain a list of EPTs:


Changing the selection to another EPT will load a SharePoint modal pop up whilst the data loads:


If an EPT is selected that doesn’t contain any list items the following will be displayed:


There is example conditional formatting on the table:


The list item title is a clickable hyper link that will open the list item in a new window:


Fully test this on a non-production PWA instance before using in Production, the script is provided As Is with no warranties etc. Try it out and let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “Want to report across #ProjectOnline Project Sites for #SharePoint list data? #PPM #JavaScript #Office365 #REST #OData

  1. Thanks for this script Paul. I’m trying to get it to work out of the box first without adding custom fields but unfortunately for me it is stuck on “Loading. Getting the report data….” I’m sure I’m missing some basic configuration bits and would appreciate any advice. Also, I am a JS newbie. Environment is Project Online. Thanks.

    1. Hello, try the latest version i have added – download it again for the latest. It could be an issue with encoding some characters in EPT names.

  2. I have attempted to copy this to my Project Online implementation and it is not working. We have Three EPTs, but the drop down for EPTs is not populated. Not certain why it is not finding the EPTs. Any ideas? The only difference I did was I inserted the code into the page in a Script Editor Web Part. I’m running this on a pwadev instance.

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