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Again, another post that is a bit later than I would normally post about changes but I’m still trying to play catch up at work and home after my vacation, I feel like I need another holiday already! Anyway, further to the announcement the other month regarding the change to support 30,000 project and 30,000 project sites in Microsoft’s Office 365 PPM tool Project Online, the final part of that change is here.

Before we jump in to the detail, a bit of history to show how the Project Product group have done a great job and massively improved the Project Online projects / project sites limit since Project Online was first released.  In the early days Project Online had a limit of 2,000 projects and 2,000 project sites. I think in the first release, both the projects and project sites were both restricted to 2,000 due to the SharePoint Online limit of 2,000 sub sites per site collection, the sub site limit is still a limit today in SharePoint Online. Details here for SharePoint Online limits: https://support.office.com/en-ie/article/SharePoint-Online-limits-and-quotas-8f34ff47-b749-408b-abc0-b605e1f6d498. The 2,000 project limit was then raised to 5,000 projects but the project site limit was still limited to 2,000 which meant that 3,000 of your 5,000 projects couldn’t have a project site. Today in Project Online you can have 30,000 projects and each of those projects can have a project site* I have put an asterisk here as there are some configuration / site collection requirements to support this as detailed in this blog post. To have 30,000 project sites you would need 15 Enterprise Project Types (EPTs) and 15 SharePoint site collections including the actual PWA site collection. This is how the Project Product group have worked around the SharePoint Online sub site limitation. Let’s look at how this is set up in PWA.

For the purpose of this blog post I have just two EPTs in my PWA site collection, the default Enterprise Project and one called Product Development. Firstly I will create a new SharePoint Online site collection via the SharePoint Admin Center in Office 365 called ProductDevSites to host the project sites in my new EPT. From the SharePoint Admin Center click New > Private Site Collection and complete the form


Click OK. That might take 10 to 15 minutes to provision. Once completed open the PWA site collection and navigate to the PWA Settings page:


Nothing different here… Clicking on the following settings will show some differences:

  • Connected SharePoint Sites
  • Manage User Sync Settings
  • Enterprise Project Type

Connected SharePoint Sites:


Notice the Settings button is now missing from the menu bar. The settings button here used to allow you to control if / when project sites where created. This has moved to the Enterprise Project Type page.

Manage User Sync Settings:


Notice there are two checkboxes missing from the Sync options. Here you could also set the Project Site Sync and the Project Site Sync for SharePoint task list projects. The setting to sync users has moved to the EPT page.

Enterprise Project Type:


Notice the three new sections here, Site Creation – this was on the Connected SharePoint Sites page, Site Creation Location – this a new setting and Synchronization – this contains the sync settings. Changing the Site Creation setting to either Automatically create or Allow users to choose will enable the Site Creation Location setting. This defaults to the current PWA site collection URL, for this EPT I will leave that as the location and enable the user permission sync:


One thing to note here regarding the synchronization options, both the user sync and the task list sync only work for project sites inside the Project Web App site collection. Save the EPT then open the other EPT/s. In this example I will edit the Product Development EPT and enable site creation but rather than creating sites in the PWA site collection I have selected to create these in the ProductDevSites site collection:


I could still create the Product Development project sites and other EPT’s project sites in the Project Web App site collection (PWA2 in this example) if I knew I would never exceed the 2,000 sub site limit. Notice I haven’t enabled the site sync as this would be redundant here as the site creation location is not the Project Web App site collection. Before we create some projects for each EPT, worth noting is that you might not see the same options as displayed on the EPT’s above, you might just see the following:


No Site Creation Location and the Sync User Permissions checkbox is disabled, this will be because your Project Web App site collection will be in the SharePoint permission mode so will be limited to up to 2,000 sub sites and the user permission sync to the project sites is not possible.

Creating a project for each EPT and publishing those projects will create the project sites. As you can see below, the project sites are in different site collections based on the EPT settings:


So now you can have 30,000 projects and 30,000 project sites!

Brian Smith posted about this change to other day too: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/projectsupport/2017/06/12/project-online-what-happened-to-my-site-creation-settings/


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  1. Hi Paul,

    Very nice article as usual, and welcome back from vacation!
    I haven’t gotten to testing it myself yet, but have you tested if Deliverable’s, Risks and Issues still work on the sites that are created outside the PWA site collection?

    I can imagine that that functionality is also lost if the sync doesn’t work outside the original site collection.

    Erik v H.

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