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There are some updates / improvements to the Agile feature in Project Online Desktop client, these follow on from the first release in October last year: https://pwmather.wordpress.com/2017/10/25/agile-now-available-in-msproject-kanban-scrum-sprints-tasks/ 

These updates are available in the latest release of the Office Insider version of the Office click-to-run client.

Two new features in this release for updating the % complete on boards as you move tasks between a status and the ability to filter tasks on the boards using the summary tasks and resources. These are seen below.

% complete on boards

Opening a board view such as the Backlog Board or the Current Sprint Board you will now see a “Set % Complete” row. As seen on the screenshot below this can also be hidden from the view:


Clicking the “Set % Complete” enables you to type the desired % complete for that status:


As you move a task into that status column, the task % complete will update as per the % complete value for the column:




On the board views you have the ability to filter tasks using the summary tasks and resources:



You can select multiple values from the two filter menus, the tasks will then filter on the board based on your filters:


The filters are not persistent, as you change views the filters will be reset.

A great addition to the agile feature in Project Online Desktop client. If you’re on the Insider version of Office click-to-run, take a look and see what you think.

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