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In part two of this series of blog posts we will look at using the ListTasks action from the Project Online PowerApps Connector. For those of you that missed part 1, here is a link: https://pwmather.wordpress.com/2018/03/14/projectonline-powerapps-using-the-project-online-connector-ppm-apps-msproject-o365-part1/

The ListTasks action is: ProjectOnline.ListTasks("{ProjectGUID}","{"PWASiteURL}).value

As you can see we need to pass in two parameters here, the Project GUID and the PWA Site URL. As this requires the Project GUID, we will use the PowerApp we started with in part 1 and pass in the Project GUID from the first screen. Add another screen to your PowerApp, in this example I have just added a blank screen and renamed it to Tasks:


Now add a data table to this new screen:


With the new data table selected, click the Advanced option in the right pane:


Now on the advanced settings pane, in DATA > Items enter:


Update the query as required, for example update to the correct gallery name and update to the correct PWA URL.


Click “Choose the fields you want to add from the customization pane”, in this example I have selected Name and PercentComplete:


Now I will add a label at the top of the screen to display the Project Name. With the label added to the screen, select the label and click the advanced setting pane:


In DATA > Text starting typing the name of your gallery added to the first screen, select it then type “.” then click selected then “.” then click Name:


Now the project name for the first project in the gallery will display:


You could look to include an option here to add new tasks if you wanted, the action to use would be: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/connectors/projectonline/#creates-new-task

Now we need to add in a control to be able to navigate back to the projects screen, I have just added a left arrow icon then updated the OnSelect property in the advanced settings pane to navigate to the projects screen:


Now on the Projects screen we need to update the next icon on the gallery to navigate to the Tasks screen, select the icon and update the OnSelect property on the advanced pane:


Now you have an app that will display a list of all projects directly from Project Online, then access the tasks from that selected project.

Next up we will look at create new projects in Project Online using the CreateProject action.

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