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As you are probably aware by now, the new Roadmap feature is live in Project Home as detailed in this blog post: https://pwmather.wordpress.com/2018/12/19/project-roadmap-is-live-ppm-projectmanagement-msproject-projectonline-office365-powerplatfom/ This post covers a new button that would have appeared in your Project Online PWA instance:


This new Add to Roadmap button is on the Task tab on Schedule Project Detail Page. This enables you to add published tasks to a project roadmap directly in Project Online PWA without having to navigate away to the Project Home, open the Roadmap then adding the tasks via the Roadmap interface.

When the current project is linked to a roadmap row with at least one task selected (you can select multiple), clicking this will load a modal pop up:


You will then need to select the correct Roadmap and Row using the dropdowns. Only Roadmaps and Rows will appear where the current project is already linked. Here is one Roadmap where this project is linked:


I’ve selected the Deployment task then clicked the Add to Roadmap button then selected the Roadmap and Row as seen below:


Clicking Add will start the process to add the task:


Once completed you will see the added to roadmap message as below with a clickable link to the roadmap:


Accessing the roadmap will now show the new task added:


If you try the Add to Roadmap button for a project that is not linked to a Project Roadmap you will see this modal popup:


A great enhancement to Project Online!


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