#Project Roadmap #CDS #App Overview #PPM #ProjectManagement #MSProject #ProjectOnline #Office365 #PowerPlatform #Dynamics365 #PowerBI Part 3

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This post follows on from part 2: https://pwmather.wordpress.com/2019/01/07/project-roadmap-cds-app-overview-ppm-projectmanagement-msproject-projectonline-office365-powerplatform-dynamics365-part-2/ In Part 2 we reviewed the fields and looks looked at the data used by the Roadmap application. In this post we will continue with the Power BI report that was started in part 2. I have made some changes following on from the last post if you have been following and creating the Power BI report. The queries I have can be seen below:


Here are the query connection details:

  • Roadmaps queries msdyn_roadmaps but filter to only return roadmaps
  • RoadmapItems queries msdyn_roadmapitems but filtered to only return roadmap items
  • RoadmapRows queries msdyn_roadmaps but filter to only return rows
  • RoadmapRowItems queries msdyn_roadmapitems but filtered to only return row items
  • RoadmapItemLinks queries msdyn_roadmapitemlinks
  • RoadmapRowLinks queries msdyn_roadmaprowlinks

I have also used the Power Query editor options to remove fields I do not need, renamed fields etc. but that is standard Power BI functionality.

Then the following relationships have been set up between these tables:


Or the visual view:


Now this Power BI file is ready to start creating the reports. Here are some screen shots of example reports:



I will be releasing the Power BI file to download later this week that can be used as a solution starter for your Project Roadmap reporting. I will then create a blog post on how you can bring in other data from Project Online into the Power BI file.


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