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In the following scenario you may see an error that could be misleading. So you have set up a Roadmap with rows that are connected to Projects in Project Online – all good so far. Then your access changes in Project Online and you no longer have access to the linked Projects. You then later access your Roadmap (at least 5 minutes after your access changed so the Flow runs) and you will see:


Hover over the red cross and you see a tooltip for “Project has been deleted in Project Online”:


Then click the row to load the row details and you see another message stating: “We couldn’t sync updates to this project because it has been deleted in Project Online.”


If you try to add more rows you then get a status bar appear:


Click the Project Name under the connection to launch the Project Detail Page for that project and you will see this message stating that you don’t have access when the Project Detail Page loads for that project in PWA:


The List Project action in the Flow returns a 404:


The value in the response body is: "This project either does not exist, or has been deleted.  Only QueueJobs can be accessed from a deleted project." The Flow then continues and updates the roadmap data to mark the link as deleted.

For this scenario the error is misleading, the issue is that your account that was used to set up the link to the Project in Project Online now longer has access to that project. The List Project Flow Action which uses the CSOM API which is security trimmed. If your account is later then given access to the linked Project in Project Online, the next time the Flow runs, that row will update as expected in the Roadmap if the Project has been updated in Project Online within the 15 minute last project publish check in the Flow.

Just something to be aware of if you come across this error – your project might not have been deleted!

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