Change the default PWA site URL in Project Home for #ProjectOnline #Office365 #PPM #PMOT #PMO #MSProject

It is now possible to change the default PWA Site used in Project Home, this will default to /PWA but can be updated using the new “Default PWA site” option on the settings cog menu:


Clicking this menu option will load a modal dialog to update the URL:


This input box will list all of the PWA site collections where you have accessed Projects, so if you delete “PWA” from the input box there will then be an option to select another PWA site collection that you have accessed previously (it’s a unique list of PWA site collections for all projects you see in Project Home):


If you type the name of a site that doesn’t exist or that you do not have access to, you will see this message then you click Change Site:


Select a site from the list or type the name of a site that you know exists then click Change Site, it will check your permissions on this site:


Once this passes OK it will update the default PWA site:


Now you will find the Create New > Project button and the “Go to Project Web App” link will open in the new target PWA site collection.

Reset to default will update the PWA site back to /PWA.

A great improvement that many organisations have been asking for!

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