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Following on from a recent blog post where I demonstrated an example Microsoft Flow for syncing the Roadmap row item status with the associated Office 365 Project Online Task status, I have now made this solution starter Flow available as a package that can be downloaded and imported. For those of you that missed the previous blog post, a link can be found below here:


The Flow package can be downloaded from the Microsoft Gallery here:

Once downloaded the Flow can be imported, here is a Microsoft Flow blog post on exporting and importing Flow packages:

Once imported and the connections all set – this will require a Flow P1 or P2 license as it uses the CDS connector, ensure the account has the correct access to Project Online and the CDS, open the flow and update the trigger and actions as these will currently point to one of my demo tenants:

  1. Update the “When a project is published” trigger with your PWA URL
  2. Update the “GetTaskHealth” action the correct site address for your PWA URL
  3. Update the “GetTaskHealth” action Uri to use the correct task level field, replace “RoadmapHealth” as needed
  4. Update the Switch action to use the correct task custom field – the expression would be items(‘Apply_to_each’)[‘FieldName’] – replace the field name with the correct task field
  5. Ensure the Case statements are updated to match the possible values in your custom field and map to the correct roadmap status value:
      • On Track = 0
      • Potential Problem = 1
      • At Risk = 2
      • Complete = 10
      • Not Set = 100
  6. Update the “List records” action to point to the correct environment
  7. Update the “Update a record” action to point to the correct environment

Now save the Flow and test it.

Hopefully you find this useful as a solution starter.


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