#Office365 #ProjectfortheWeb #MicrosoftTeams integration #ProjectManagement #PPM #MSProject #PowerPlatform #PowerVirtualAgents Part 3

In part 3 of this series we will look at adding the sample bot created in part 2 in to Microsoft Teams. If you missed part 2 it can be found here: https://pwmather.wordpress.com/2019/11/20/office365-projectfortheweb-microsoftteams-integration-projectmanagement-ppm-msproject-powerplatform-part-2/

Now we have a working Power Virtual Agent (PVA) for creating projects in Project for the Web we can now embed this into other applications such as Microsoft Teams, custom web applications, Cortana, Facebook etc. Do remember that PVAs are currently only in preview and not generally available yet. For this example we will add this into Microsoft Teams. Firstly we need to publish the bot from the Publish page:


Once published at least once you will then be able to try out your bot in the demo website:


Each time you make a change to the bot, once ready you will need to publish it again. Now that it’s published we click Channels under the Manage menu, then in this example click Microsoft Teams:


Now click the Add button and this generates the App ID:


Copy the App ID for a later step. Now load the Teams App Studio (or add it to Teams if you don’t have this yet). In the App Studio click Manifest editor and the click “Create a new app”. Complete the form as required:


Now using the left hand menu, click Bots under “2 Capabilities”:


Click “Set up”. Then click “Existing bot”, add the bot name then paste in the App ID copied in the previous step when adding the Teams channel in the Power Virtual Agents window and set the scope to Personal then click Save:


Now click on Test and distribute under “3 Finish”:


Here you can install the app in Teams for testing or Download. In this example I’m downloading it then in Teams click Apps > Upload a custom app:


Once uploaded, from the Bots filter in Apps you will see the bot:


Click that then you will be able to Add it and it will appear in your personal Chat and you can create a project from there:


For more details see this link: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/power-virtual-agents/publication-add-bot-to-microsoft-teams

I will add some more Microsoft Teams integration options for Project for the Web soon!

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