#ProjectServer 2019 missing data in #OLAP cube? #SSAS #Reporting #Excel

Just a quick post and one related to Project Server on-premises which I haven’t done for a long time! A colleague escalated an issue to me where by data was missing in the OLAP cube in a new Project Server 2019 deployment. The symptoms where that data appeared to be missing from the Portfolio Analyzer cube. For example, adding Project List into the pivot table didn’t display any projects but when looking at the values in the Project List dimension from the Pivot Table fields menu you could see the projects:


Adding the Project List to the Pivot table, no Project Names included:


If another cube was used such as the Project Non Timephased, the Projects displayed on the pivot table as expected. If the built in measures where removed from the OLAP cube configuration and the cube rebuilt, the Project List then displayed fine on any OLAP cube. The fix is a simple one, it relates to a the Reporting Timephased Data change that on new installs this is set to Never which is the same behaviour for new PWA site collections in Project Online. Change the Reporting setting to another option such as daily:


Then publish the projects, once the projects are published, ensure the built in measure are enabled as required in the OLAP cube configuration if you have changed these and set the OLAP cube to build. Once processed the OLAP cubes will all work as expected.

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