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***Update – This behaviour will soon change in Project for the web***

Just a quick post to make you aware of some scenarios where the planned work start and end date could be incorrect when using the Resource Assignment Planned Work data. Reporting on this data was covered in a post here: https://pwmather.wordpress.com/2020/03/06/projectfortheweb-example-powerbi-report-to-show-planned-work-day-by-day-workmanagement-msproject-ppm-powerplatform-msdyn365-cds/

Using the example plan below:


See the planned work in the example below:


Lets focus on “Task 2”, both the Project plan and report both match with the Start date as 23rd Jan 2020 and the End date as 23rd Jan 2020 – all OK and as expected. The first task in the plan “Task” actually is going to take 6 days rather than the current 4 days planned, lets update that in Project:

Project 2

Now in the Project “Task 2” starts 27th Jan 2020 and ends 27th Jan 2020, lets refresh the Power BI report that is using the Planned work data (msdyn_plannedwork):

Report 2

As you can see, “Task 2” still has the original Start and End date of 23th Jan 2020, the data for “Task” has updated as expected and matches Project. “Task 3” and “Task 4” are also showing the original Start and End dates, it is only “Task” that is showing the correct Start and End dates. This only impacts the data in the msdyn_plannedwork column, the other start and end dates at the task level and the assignment summary level are updated correctly as seen below:

Report 3

There are other scenarios where this occurs, for example if I put a date constraint on “Task 3” and manually set to the start date to 31st Jan 2020 as seen below:

Project 3

The Start and End dates in the Planned Work still shows the original dates and not the new updated dates:

Report 4

The only time it seems that the msdyn_plannedwork is updated is when the effort / work value is updated in Project. For example, lets change “Task 2” to 2 days duration:

Project 4

Refresh the data in the Power BI Report to see the Planned Work value:

Report 5

Notice “Task 3” is still incorrect, let’s add another resource to this task:

Project 5

Refresh the Power BI Report data again:

Report 6

Data for the 2nd resource added “MOD Administrator” is correct, but the msdyn_plannedwork data for the original resource “Alex Wilber” is not correct.

Hopefully that helps explain why you might be seeing some date issues if you are reporting on the msdyn_plannedwork data.

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