Warning displayed in PWA Settings for a critical permission issue? #ProjectOnline #MSProject #PPM #Office365

Have you accessed PWA Settings recently in Office 365 Project Online and seen a warning for “We have detected critical permission issues with your site. Go to Additional Server Settings page to learn more” like below:


Accessing the Additional Server Settings page shows you a new setting: “Reassign ownership & deploy fix” as seen below:


Clicking the “Learn more” option will load the Microsoft support document that details the steps to resolve – https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4524338/mitigation-steps-for-dissociation-error-in-project-web-app As per the note under the “Reassign ownership & deploy fix” heading and the Important note on the support doc:


Ensure you resolve the issues as per Step 1 before clicking the Deploy Fix button in Step 2.

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