Microsoft Teams app for Project for the web #MicrosoftTeams #Projectfortheweb #MicrosoftProject #WorkManagement #MSProject #Office365

There is a now a native Teams app for Project:

Teams app

This enables to you to create a new Project for the web project in the current team:

Create Project

Clicking “Create New Project” enables you to enter a name for the project:


Then click Save. The new tab is then created in the Team channel with the project loaded ready to create the tasks:

New project

To get the to project settings click the cog in the top right:

Project settings

That loads the project panel:

Project details

Now the project can be managed fully from Microsoft Teams. As the project was created via the Team, it is automatically associated to the Office 365 Group / Team.

If the current Team / Office 365 Group already has a Project for the web project associated via the Office 365 Group, you can link to that too. In this example I created a new Team from the Office 365 Group associated to my project. Now when adding the Project app to Team I can select my project:

Project selection

Selecting the project and clicking Save will create the new tab and load the project:

Exising project

A great addition for Project for the web and Microsoft Teams.


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