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Following on my post last week highlighting the new Project app for Microsoft Teams, at the same time, Microsoft also released the Roadmap app for Microsoft Teams. If you missed the previous post on the Project app for Teams, it can be found here:

In this post we will take a look at the Roadmap app for Microsoft Teams:

Roadmap App

This app enables you to create a new Roadmap in the Microsoft Team or add an existing Roadmap to the Team if one exists in the Office 365:

Create New Roadmap

Clicking “Create New Roadmap” enables you to enter the name for your new Roadmap:

New Roadmap

Then click Save. The new tab is then created in the Team channel with the roadmap loaded ready to add the rows:

New blank Roadmap

To get the to roadmap settings click the cog in the top right:


This loads the roadmap details panel:


Now the roadmap can be managed fully from Microsoft Teams. As the project was created via the Team, it is automatically associated to the Office 365 Group / Team.

If the current Team / Office 365 Group already has a Roadmap associated via the Office 365 Group, you can link to that too. In this example I associated an existing Roadmap to the same Office 365 Group that the current Team uses then clicked the Roadmap app again. Now I see two Roadmaps I can add, the one I just created in this Team and the one I created outside of Teams but associated to the same Office 365 Group:

Existing Roadmap

Great to see the Roadmap app is supported in a native Microsoft Teams app too! If you are not familiar with the Roadmap app from Microsoft, here are some blog posts I’ve written before:

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