New Assigned to board view rolling out in #Projectfortheweb #Office365 #MSProject #ProjectManagement #WorkManagement #TaskManagement

There a new board view starting to rollout for Project for the web, the Assigned To view:

Assigned To

Switching to this view enables you to see buckets for each of the current users assigned to tasks:

By Assigned To

As seen above there is also an Unassigned bucket that includes all tasks that do not have any assignment. Dragging that unassigned task to another user bucket will assign the task to that user. When a task is assigned to multiple users, the task will appear in each users bucket as you can see in my example above for Task4. If you use the option on the task cards to complete the work in the new Assigned to view – outlined in the image below, when the task is assigned to multiple users, it will only complete that users work:

Complete Tick

Now Task4 for myself shows as completed but for Lee it is still in progress:


The view can be used to re-assign tasks to other users too, if I drag Task1 to Lee, that will change the assignment:

Update Assignment

If you want to assign the task to a user that doesn’t currently have any assignments when using this view – there are two ways to do this. If the task already has a user assigned, hover over the existing user then then click the icon to add a user:

Assigned to a user - option 1

If the task doesn’t currently have any assignments, use the menu on the task card:

Assigned to a user - option 2

This a great addition to Project for the web, look out for this soon if it hasn’t reached your tenant yet!

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