Using #Projectfortheweb, #MicrosoftPlanner or #AzureDevOps for managing #projects / #tasks and need a way for users to submit project requests or project ideas? #WorkManagement #MicrosoftProject #edison365 #PPM #PowerAutomate Part 1

It’s common in many organizations to use many different tools to manage work, this could be due to different teams having different requirements or just different preferences. Managing work is common, we all have tasks or projects that we work on. Having an engaging tool to capture new project ideas is also a common requirement in many organizations. The edison365 ideas module is a great way to encourage users to submit project ideas. The purpose of the post is not to go into the details of edison365 ideas but more to highlight how easily using Microsoft’s Power Automate we can take those edison365 ideas and create projects / work in your chosen work management tool. This could be Project for the web, Azure DevOps or Planner to name a few. In part 1 of this 2 part series we will firstly take a look at creating a new task in a Planner plan for the approved idea in edison365 ideas. We will then start to take a look at another example for creating a new project in Project for the web for the approved idea in edison365 ideas. Part 2 will finish off the Project for the web example and look at the Azure DevOps example.

Firstly the Microsoft Planner example. In edison365 ideas we have a challenge item where users can create new task requests for our central Planner plan:

planner challenge

Users complete the simple form (that is configurable):

idea form

This idea is then reviewed using the various options available in edison365 ideas:

  • Star ratings and / or votes:
    • star rating and votes
  • Triage scoring:
    • triage

Once the idea reaches the approved stage, like this example below has done:


This triggers a Power Automate flow to run and create the task in the Planner plan. As seen on the image above the idea is updated with a link to the task in the Planner plan. Clicking that links opens the task:


The task can now be managed from Planner whilst maintaining the link / association from edison365 ideas to Planner. Let’s take a look at the simple Power Automate flow that performs this integration:

Flow summary

Stepping through the trigger and actions below we can see the details, the flow is triggered using the SharePoint item modified trigger as edison365 ideas stores all of the ideas data in Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online:


There are some trigger conditions added so that the flow only picks up on the edison365 idea challenge that is used for the Planner task requests and also only ideas that are in a certain stage:

trigger conditions

These would need updating for the correct IDs based on your edison365 ideas instance data. Next I have an optional action to get additional edison365 ideas idea data using the SharePoint get item action – this way you can specify one view on the trigger and another list view on the get item action in case you have a large number of lookup / people type columns etc. and reach the limits in Power Automate.

get item

Pass in the ID from the trigger action. Then we do a condition check to check if the list item that was modified already contains a link URL value – if it does the flow ends, if it doesn’t the flow continues. Here we check the IdeaUrl01 column, which is the column the flow uses to write the Planner Task URL to, to see if it is null:


If there is no value set in the column, the flow then creates the task in the Planner plan:

Planner action

It then updates the edison365 ideas item IdeaUrl01 column for the task request idea item with the Planner task URL using a SharePoint HTTP action:


The final action is to email the edison365 ideas owner/s to inform them that the task request has been completed:


That’s it, a simple no code solution to building a Planner task intake request process using edison365 ideas and Power Automate.

Next up we will take a look at doing the same but this time using edison365 ideas as a project request interface for Project for the web projects. Like we did for the Planner example, we have a dedicated challenge in edison365 ideas for the project requests:

project for the web

Users complete a similar form for the project requests. These project requests can be reviewed using the star ratings, votes and triage scoring as before for the Planner example. When the project requests reach the approved stage, a project is created and the project request idea in edison365 ideas is updated with the project link:


Clicking the link opens the Project for the web project:

project for the web

Lets view the Power Automate flow that creates the integration:


That’s it for part 1, in part 2 we will continue with reviewing the Power Automate flow for the Project for the web integration example and also look at an Azure DevOps example.

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