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Previously in Project for the web you would need to open the project to carry out actions such rename a project, copy a project, export to Excel. To improve user efficiency for some of these actions, you no longer need to open the project. These actions are available directly from the Project Home page from the list view and also on the cards for projects added to favourites. Click the ellipsis to get the actions menu (the actions copy, rename and export are not available for PWA Projects):


The actions include:

  • Copy Project Link
    • This action enables you to copy a link to the project into the clipboard
  • Copy Project
    • This action enables you to copy the project. Clicking this action will create a copy of the project and open the newly created copy of the project in the browser
  • Rename Project
    • This action opens a dialog to rename the project:
      • image
    • Note: There is a slight delay on the rename, if you rename using the dialog then access the project straightaway the new name will not show, refresh the page and the new name should be visible
  • Export to Excel
    • This action will export the project to Excel

As mentioned, these actions are also available on the Project for the web cards:


Another nice UX addition to Project Home for Project for the web projects!

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