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For a while now you have been able to create local custom fields in Project for the web: but this didn’t include Choice field types where users can select values from a list. A recent update to the service has now enabled Choice fields:


Now you can consistently tag the tasks with a value from the custom Choice field. To create a new Choice field click the + Add column option then + New field:

New field

This will load the New Field dialog:

New Field Dialog

Change the Type to Choice:


Give the field a name and add the choice values. There are three inputs by default but click the Add a Choice option to an another choice value. In my example Choice field I have created a Status RAG field:

Example field

Tip: To add the icon, press the Windows + . key:


I can now set the choice value against my tasks as seen below:


A great addition to the local custom fields in Project for the web!


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