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You’ve been able to copy a project in Project for the Web UI for a while now – blog post here: The ability to copy a project from the model driven app wasn’t released at the same time but I happened to notice that this feature was available in the model drive app:

Copy Project

I’m not sure when this feature made it in to the model driven Project app but for those that work in the Power Apps Project App rather than the Project for the Web UI, this is a great feature to bring closer feature parity between the two UIs. Clicking the “Copy Project” button will initiate the copy:

Copy initiated

Then the page will update to show you the copied project but with the status message stating that the copy process is in progress:

In Progress

Once completed, the new project is available with the “ – Copy” appended to the name:

Copy of Project

The Project Name can be updated on the default Summary tab.

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