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Earlier this year Microsoft added the ability to create a new project in the Project for the web UI by importing from an existing Project desktop MPP file, before it was added to the UI it was possible via a script. The Project for the web UI option is detailed here:

This option was missing from the Model Driven app in Power Apps but has recently been added as seen below:


Clicking the “Import from Project” button loads a new modal window to set the work hour template, Project Manager and select the MPP file:

MPP select

Click the “Choose File” button and locate the MPP file you want to use:


Click the Import button on the top left corner to import the project:

Import Progress

If there are errors / validation issues on the project, these will be displayed here:


This process has the same limitations as the import process via the Project for the web UI. Click the “Go to project” button to access the imported project:


Click the Tasks tab to see the schedule:


This matches the schedule from the MPP file:


Another great addition for Microsoft Project.

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