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Recently released was the ability to assign users to a task without the need to share access to the project via a group. Previously in Project for the web, you had to associate the project to a Microsoft 365 group before you could assign users to a task but this meant all of those users had full edit access to that project. This has since changed and you can assign users to tasks without giving them access to the project. You now see the option below when the project is not associated to a Microsoft 365 group:

Not shared

On that modal I just clicked “Just assign” to add the user to the task, you then see the following pop up appear advising you that the assignees will not be able to view or update the tasks until the project is connected to a group:

Add group

I now want to connect the project to a Microsoft 365 group, this process hasn’t changed. Now this project is connected to a group – only my account (the Project Manager) was added to the group membership. Other users added to tasks before the project was connected to the group are not added to the Microsoft 365 group. You have to do this manually using this option:


Once the project is connected to the group, when you assign any new users to a task, you will have the option to “Assign and add” or “Just assign” as seen below:

Add member

Clicking “Assign and add” will add the user to the task and the Microsoft 365 group. If you click “Just assign” the user would just be added to the task and not given access to the group, you then see another pop up as seen below:


Users who are added to the project but not the Microsoft 365 group can be seen on the “Other people” option on the group details:


A much needed addition to Project for the web for those who want to secure projects.


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