Working programmatically with #Projectfortheweb / #ProjectOperations tasks #WorkManagement #TaskManagement #MSProject #MicrosoftProject #API #Dataverse

It’s been possible for a while now to programmatically work with the task data for Project for the web / Project Operations but I still see a few queries on how to do this. So I thought I would create a quick post to highlight the Microsoft docs page for this. This can be found below:

This API was introduced because of the way the Project scheduling service works with Dataverse, Microsoft blocked direct updates to various Dataverse tables that Project for the web makes use of. Certain updates have to go via the Project Scheduling service so the API must be used for these CUD actions. The image below shows Dataverse and the Project Scheduling Service:


This image is taken from the following page:

The Project Schedule API doc is useful too:

This does open up a lot of opportunities to extend your use of Project for the web.


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