A simple way to have Tasks, Risks and Issues in #Projectfortheweb using custom fields in the Project Office UI #ProjectManagement #WorkManagement #TaskManagement #PPM #Microsoft365 #PowerPlatform

The Project for the web interface is used to manage the tasks in your projects. Other project artefacts such as Risks and Issues are not fully available* in the modern engaging Project Office UI found at – https://project.microsoft.com/. You can of course use the Power Platform’s Power Apps, either Canvas or Model-driven apps, to build an app for your users to manage all of the project artefacts needed by your organization. Details on Power Apps can be found here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerapps/powerapps-overview It it also possible to use the Project Accelerator which is a Model-driven app solution, this supports many features such as Programs, Risks, Issues, Changes etc. Details on the Project Accelerator from Microsoft can be found here: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/project-blog/introducing-the-project-accelerator/ba-p/2201000 & https://github.com/OfficeDev/Project-Accelerator 

*I mentioned that Risks and Issues are not fully available in the Project Office UI, the purpose of this blog post is to highlight a very simple way to use the Project Office UI to also include your Risks and Issues, plus the logs as needed. See my sample project below:

Project plan

Here I’ve created a new custom field called “Type”, this field is a choice field with the following choices:

Choice field

Other choice values could be added as needed:

New value

Add this field to the Grid view and tag each row as required. I’ve also created summary tasks for each type too as seen below for my new Announcements type:

Summary Task

You can then make use of other custom fields as needed such as creating a “Due Date” field:

New field

This can be seen on the Grid view below:

Updated grid

All custom fields can also be accessed on the task detail panels like below:

Task Details

Other features in Project for the web such as Notes and Checklists can also be used to help support managing Risks, Issues and other logs.

This isn’t a perfect solution for managing Risks and Issues but for some this might be an option as users typically prefer the Project Office UI.

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