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Choice fields were released back in June 2021 for Project for the web as seen here: https://pwmather.wordpress.com/2021/06/21/choice-fields-now-available-in-projectfortheweb-workmanagement-projectmanagement-msproject-microsoftproject-microsoft365-projecthome/. The choice fields have received a simple but useful update, you can now provide a colour format for the field:

RAG field

This enables you to visualise the data in a more engaging way. Clicking the colour picker option loads the picker:


Enabling you to set the choice value background colour from the predefined colours, here is an example:

Options completed

The font colour will switch between black or white depending on the background colour selected.

Below we can see an example of this field in the Grid:


Then on the task pane:


A nice visual addition to Project for the web.

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