Guest user access now available in #Projectfortheweb #WorkManagement #TaskManagement #ProjectManagement #Microsoft365

Guest user access is now available in Project for the web. The guest users added to your tenant can now be given access to your project plans in Project for the web. Below I have given my hotmail account access to my corporate Project for the web instance. My hotmail account is already a guest user in this particular Microsoft 365 tenant:


The guest user was also added to the Microsoft 365 group to provide the guest user access to this project:


I did have to add the user to this group via the Outlook interface as my guest user account didn’t appear in the search from the Project interface:


So I added my guest user here first:


Now when I access Project for the web with my hotmail account using the URL<Orgdomainname> , I can access this project. This project is read only with my hotmail account as I do not have a Project license:


For more details, see this post:

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  1. Great post Paul. In case you didn’t see the thread in the MVP channel, I discovered that the behaviour is different if Group Settings have been created via PowerShell – and then the ‘other people’ isn’t used and instead you get the usual dialog allowing you to add the guest to the group in Project for the web, or just assign. Also, with group settings configured you can add existing guests in the tenant to a group directly in Project for the web, whereas with no group settings configured they are filtered out so cannot be added. See for more on Group Settings.

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