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Templates are available* in Project for the web as per the roadmap item here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ww/microsoft-365/roadmap?featureid=88851 


*Notice I’ve outlined the /en-US in red in the image above, this is the only way I can access the templates currently so I’m not sure the roll out is completed yet. So if you are not seeing templates yet, switch the the “en-US” language to check it out or click this link: https://project.microsoft.com/en-US/ On my default language, en-GB, I don’t see the templates, I still see this option:


Switching to the US language, I can still access the previous options to create a blank project, roadmap or import:


If I want to start with a template, click on one of the templates, for example Software Development:

Template Detail

You then see an overview of the template with an option to “Use template”. Clicking “Use template” creates a new project for you complete with buckets on the board view, labels and checklist items on tasks:




I’m sure the rollout will complete for all languages pretty soon, the templates feature will help users getting started with Project for the web.


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