Want to tag tasks with a Priority value in #Projectfortheweb? Well now you can #MicrosoftProject #WorkManagement #TaskManagement #MSProject

Familiar with the Priority field in Microsoft Planner? Want the same feature in Project for the web? Well that is now available.


Setting the task priority is available on the task detail pane, on the grid view or on the Group by Priority board view. These can be seen below.

Using the task details pane the priority field can be seen here:


On the grid view the priority column can be added to the view and the values changed inline:


On the board view in the new Group by Priority view, cards can be dragged between the columns on the board to change the priority value:


If the task has a priority value of Urgent or Important you can also change the priority by clicking the bell or explanation mark on the card from other board views as seen below on the bucket view:


The priority field is available in the Dataverse Project Task table, the column “msdyn_priority” holds the values as whole numbers. The numbers map as follows:

1 = Urgent
3 = Important
5 = Medium
9 = Low
10 = Medium

Updating the Power BI reports will be very simple for those wanting to include the priority values in the reports.


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