Add users to tasks in #Projectfortheweb without a Microsoft 365 group assigned #MicrosoftProject #MSProject #Microsoft365 #WorkManagement #ProjectManagement

Recently released was the ability to assign users to a task without the need to share access to the project via a group. Previously in Project for the web, you had to associate the project to a Microsoft 365 group before you could assign users to a task but this meant all of those users... Continue Reading →

Critical path view added to the Timeline in #Projectfortheweb #MSProject #MicrosoftProject #WorkManagement #TaskManagement #ProjectManagement #PPM

Recently released to Project for the web is the Critical Path view for users with P3 and P5 licenses, this enables you to easily see which tasks impact the project end date. This can be seen below on my test project:This feature is available on the Timeline view by clicking the Filter option as seen... Continue Reading →

Copy Project from the Model Driven Project #PowerApp #MSProject #MicrosoftProject #Projectfortheweb #WorkManagement

You’ve been able to copy a project in Project for the Web UI for a while now – blog post here: The ability to copy a project from the model driven app wasn’t released at the same time but I happened to notice that this feature was available in the model drive app:I’m not... Continue Reading →

Import MPP project files in the model driven Project #PowerApps #Projectfortheweb #MSProject #MicrosoftProject #WorkManagement

Earlier this year Microsoft added the ability to create a new project in the Project for the web UI by importing from an existing Project desktop MPP file, before it was added to the UI it was possible via a script. The Project for the web UI option is detailed here: option was missing... Continue Reading →

Choice fields now available in #Projectfortheweb #WorkManagement #ProjectManagement #MSProject #MicrosoftProject #Microsoft365 #ProjectHome

For a while now you have been able to create local custom fields in Project for the web: but this didn’t include Choice field types where users can select values from a list. A recent update to the service has now enabled Choice fields:Now you can consistently tag the tasks with a value from... Continue Reading →

#Microsoft365 #SharePointOnline tenant rename–impact on #ProjectOnline #MSProject #MicrosoftProject

Just a quick post to highlight the documented impact on Project Online when using the newly released tenant rename feature in Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online as documented here: docs detail the limitations of this feature, 5 points are detailed in the Medium Impact section for Project Online / Project Pro with PWA, the main... Continue Reading →

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