#ProjectServer 2010 #MSProject Enterprise Global custom fields out of synch #PS2010 #PS2007

I recently came across an issue where the enterprise custom fields in the Enterprise Global didn’t match what was displayed in PWA > Server Settings > Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup tables. I am not sure how or why this has happened, all I know it is seemed to be a combination of an upgrade... Continue Reading →

Project Server 2003 migration to #ProjectServer 2007 error #PS2007 #PS2010 #MSProject

I recently worked on a project to migrate from Project Server 2003 to Project Server 2010. While running the P12 migration tool the error below was thrown in the command prompt window: PWA Migration: Setup views to Project Server 2003 – Failed The Log file details for the error were as follows: Err1 = 37000... Continue Reading →

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