Changing #SharePoint Central Admin Regional Settings stops the #PowerPivot Dashboard timer job #SP2013 #PS2013

Take care when updating the Central Admin regional settings as certain things stop working. The link to update the region settings doesn't exist on the Site Settings menu probably for this reason but you can type the URL manually and access the page. Just add _layouts/15/regionalsetng.aspx to the URL. Central Admin region settings were updated... Continue Reading →

#ProjectServer #PS2013 / #SharePoint #SP2013 site template issue

When creating new site templates in SharePoint 2013, ensure you check the box to include content. If you don’t do this, any sites created from your new template will have the “Change the look” functionality missing, it will load a blank page as shown below: To resolve this, include the content when saving the new... Continue Reading →

#ProjectServer 2010 Resource assignment behaviour when adding another resource to an existing task with a Generic Resource #PS2010 #MSProject #EPM

Recently an issue came up at a client where they would get “Unknown Resource” error pop up when adding a second resource to a task using the Resources Tab on the Task Information dialog box in Project Professional. It is probably easier to explain the issue by showing the repro steps below. Firstly create a... Continue Reading →

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